Our June Exhibition, Featuring Anthony Iacuzzi and Stephen Murphy 
Offers Two Novel Ways of Looking at the World 
Agritecture by Anthony Iacuzzi
When we think of architecture, we normally don’t think of farms and fields. We think of urban environments where we find a wide array of residential and commercial buildings. In his series, Agritecture, Anthony Iacuzzi invites us to view the structures found in the rural countryside as architectural statements that punctuate the landscape. Iacuzzi’s Agritecture presents a vignette of the rural American landscape amid the natural beauty that is farm country. According to Iacuzzi, “Agrarian architecture has a style all its own which is immediately identifiable. It tends to be utilitarian with clean, geometric lines. it also has a traditional color palette. These conventions of color began and have endured for practical as well as cultural reasons.”
Diptychs by Stephen Murphy
In his first featured exhibition at Perspective Gallery, Stephen Murphy investigates alternative meaning-making by pairing images – diptychs – that are as much about his imagination as they are about the visualization of the original images or their subsequent connection to each other.
According to Murphy, “Pairing two photographs alters the meaning of the individual images and the experience of the resulting work. In creating a diptych, storytelling is reshaped, contrasting or related visual ideas are explored, and analogies and associations are created.”
The exhibition will be on display June 1-25, 2017. An opening reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, June 3, 5-7 p.m. THE ARTIST TALK SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 15TH HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  NO MAKE UP DATE HAS BEEN SET.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 
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