Artist Statement
In recent years my photographs have come to reflect the awareness of my own mortality. Photography has enabled me to better understand my world through observation, thought, and metaphor.
I am interested in how objects, both animate and inanimate, are altered by the act of photographing them: Not only the objects themselves, but their intrinsic meaning. This becomes more apparent to me as I make decisions during both the act of photographing and the process of creating the final print.
As a child and then teenager, drawing and painting were always important to Bob Tanner. He began to photograph while in high school. Pencils and brushes were put aside. His darkroom was a tiny basement bathroom where he processed film and made prints. 
Bob graduated from the Institute of Design where he studied photography with Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, and Frederick Sommer.
Five years later, although he had not lost interest in still photography, Bob moved into the field of motion pictures, directing and producing corporate and educational film and video.
Later in life, Bob decided to again alter his career path. He earned an M.A.T. and taught art in a Chicago public school. Following the birth of his first grandchild, followed by the death of his father, Bob felt the desire to return to still photography. His work now became purely personal.
Bob's photographs are in the collections of J.P. Morgan Chase, The Detroit Institute of Arts, and private collections. 
Bob has exhibited at The Detroit Institute of Arts, Flatfile Gallery and Stephen Daiter Gallery in Chicago, Gallery Mornea, Evanston, the Wilmette Public Library, The Art Center of Highland Park, Gallery Pink in Oak Park, and Aux Pieds Leves Gallerie d' art, Hudson (Montreal), Quebec.
Bob is an Evanston resident and is married to the photographer and multi-media artist Faigie Tanner.