August 2019
William Bridges  |  Jeffrie Chirchirillo

August 1 - September 1, 2019
Opening Reception: August 3, 2019, 5-7 pm
Conversation with the Artists: August 15, 2019, 7-8 pm

William Bridges  |  Moments of Clarity
Photography, like all two-dimensional art forms, is accessible through a single sensory channel –  sight. One can feel music or touch sculpture, but one needs vision to interact with a photograph. Seeing is thus inextricably linked to photography, both before, during and after its creation. More generally, seeing is one of the most ubiquitous metaphors in our culture. To see is to know, to apprehend or to understand. But, when our seeing is obscured or our vision is clouded, we lack complete comprehension or insight. Only occasionally, do we see clearly. However, for many of us, these rare moments of unfiltered glimpses of reality, no matter how ephemeral, draw us into a closer connection with the world and life itself.

Jeffrie A. Chirchirillo  |  Wandering Through China Lights
Imagine spending a crisp fall evening wandering through a botanical garden who’s woodlands and meadows are sprinkled with a display of Chinese lanterns – that is China Lights. The lanterns are a menagerie of metal frames that are covered with colorful silk and studded with LED lights. The frames are in the shapes of Chinese cultural gems that are recreated for the display. The shapes include natural, architectural and mythological characters – dragons, flowers, birds, all sorts of animals, giant goldfish and carp, dancing trees, more dragons, phoenixes, flying turtles, pandas, blue elephants, pixies and even more dragons. The list goes on and on. The Chinese tradition of lighting lanterns began many centuries ago. Early lantern festivals can be tracked to the Eastern Han Dynasty which spanned nearly two hundred years starting in the year 25. Viewing this show is intended to be a fun experience. There is no hidden symbolism or deep meaning; no deep context; no secret message; no social commentary or political message. The objective of this show is for the viewers to have as much fun as I experienced while capturing and producing the images. It is my hope that each viewer can, in some way, escape their everyday world and connect with their inner child for a few minutes as they find themselves Wandering Through China Lights.
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