Beyond: In the series “Beyond” the images are meant to imply, to suggest, or to infer. Each environment is unique and the image aims at transcending the immediate setting into another realm. The viewer is invited to enter this territory and discover a new dimension.
These images seek to evoke mood, tension, and the unknown. While much of my work is rooted in reality, this series starts from a specific location but ends somewhere else. We live in times where the issue of what is real and what is not real is thrust upon us. This work invades this terrain.
The Art of Viewing...Art: I often think about ways to portray people's interaction with art. Fascinated by observing and photographing people in art galleries and museums, my approach to "The Art of Viewing…Art" is to separate the immediate environment from the people and the art.  Visitors seem to float in space viewing art, talking with each other, taking selfies, and photographing their museum or gallery visit. At times the interactions are private and contemplative while at other moments the dynamics are open and public. 
When viewing and thinking about art, people react both emotionally and intellectually.  My images underscore these responses by taking you from a specific reality to an abstracted setting.  The viewer moves from the everyday details of life and is transported to a new place, the world of the heart or mind.
"The Art of Viewing…Art" explores both the way people interact with art and the way art is created.