Kenneth Josephson:
The First Sixty Years are the Hardest

Marilyn Zimmerwoman, partner, collaborator and muse of Kenneth Josephson, will present her anecdotal and scholarly narrative of the lifetime body of work by Josephson and their recent decade of work together. Zimmerwoman's presentation will include an overview of Josesphson’s trajectory as a fine art photographer. Her lecture will cover: his documentary undergraduate portfolio from the Rochester Institute of Technology; his graduate portfolio of multiple exposures from the Institute of Design at IIT; and, his current exhibition, “Picture Fiction: Kenneth Josephson and Contemporary Photography,” now on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art through December 30, 2018.

According to Zimmerwoman, "This exhibit offers a reframing of his status into a godfather of conceptual photography influencing generations. He lifts the veil of perception of the real in photography. We perceive his photographs, made not taken, as images to be repeated within one another recursively and as objects to be cut, curled, crumpled, torn, repeated, layered and reframed. His nod to Louis Pasteur’s 'Chance favors the prepared mind' supports the agency of the artist finding meaning in the juxtapositions created by the photographer’s informed and conscious eye selecting from the bountiful universe as a gift."

As Professor Emeritus from the School of the Art Institute Chicago, Kenneth Josephson is an active photographer, shooting with analog equipment. Although he was born in Detroit, he loves being a Chicagoan and remains humbly grateful for these celebrative golden years.

During the lecture, Mr. Josephson will participate in a call-and-response with the audience.

An artist, activist and liberal feminist, Marilyn Zimmerwoman changed her name legally to highlight the inherited social infrastructures that remain to be reframed by new paradigms. She serves as Artist in Residence at the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies and as a Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Wayne State University, Detroit where she plans to retire in 2019.
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